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TIPS before going LIVE on fb

Giving free sets during your live is a great way to keep your viewer engaged and expand your audience. Of course we, the Essential Stencil Team will take care of the rest after you have chosen your winners. 

For us to effectively have your viewers claim their prize, we kindly recommend doing the following steps:

1. Please check the existing winners beforehand by checking whom have claimed their prizes from our past lives through this link:

2. After picking a winner, please mention during your live to have the winners reach out to us via email to claim their prize at This is to prevent any legal issues when a customer post/comment their email address during your live video post and we want to avoid any GDPR legal problems.

3. In order for us to verify the winners, please submit the winners' name through this small form by clicking this link. After you submitted your winner's name, the list from the mentioned link on 1st step will be updated automatically.

Furthermore, we, the team from Essential Stencil are working everyday to find more efficient and easier way for this process. Thank you so much.

We kindly request to reach out to Ramon or Ruben directly to schedule a date to go live. :)

You can check our current schedule by clicking this link.

Having problems with your account?

Please sign-in to your account first to make sure that your code will work. This is because our system only identifies a user as a brand ambassador based on your user account email information.

Please send us an email at and we will reply to your message within 24hrs. :)

Yes, but we have to investigate further about your request. Please send us an email at

Approved or verified users can access their affiliate account by clicking this link.